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7 Reasons Why Research Is Important

What is the Significance of Research in Business ?

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1. A Tool for Building Knowledge and Efficient Learning

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When one want is satisfied, another crops up. Business helps in satisfying the growing needs and wants of the consumers by providing them better quality goods and services. Peter Drucker, the renowned management Guru has said to satisfy the customer is the mission and purpose of every business.

Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit and business growth. It is rightly said that no consumers-no business. A huge amount of money is spent by the business firm on research and development to improve the quality of the product. It maintains continuity in the flow of goods and services to the customers. In these manner consumers get better quality products at reasonable price resulting into improving their standard of living.

Every business entity strives to create a good corporate image in the market to enhance its financial and social status.

Consistent business practices ensure the business organisation to acquire goodwill and reputation in the market. Good reputation helps the firm to survive and expand the business.

The business can earn goodwill by satisfying the growing needs of the consumers. Profit is important in any business. Profit is the main objective of every business. Satisfaction of consumer wants helps the business firm to achieve the well-defined objectives of earning profit and creation of wealth. This profit is provides sustainable revenue to the government, which in turn utilised for administrative and social developmental purpose.

Business provides employment to lakhs of people. It generates employment opportunities in various sectors. Thanks for the question. If you need an answer with citation, I highly encourage you to do your own research and develop your skills and knowledge as a researcher. It really depends on your interests and if you are doing it as a student or as an independent researcher.

Otherwise, you should talk to a teacher or superior to help you figure out what research topic you would like to explore. My hub provides several reasons as to why doing research is essential in general, including 1 to build knowledge and facilitate efficient learning, 2 to understand various issues, 3 to know the truth and prove lies, and 4 to seek opportunities, among others.

It somehow answers your question. However, if you are referring to a certain topic, then it does not provide the primary objectives based on the topic of your research. In this case, the main objectives largely depend on the reasons why you would like to do that particular research.

Having a laptop or desktop computer or a smartphone that has access to the Internet and printing machine can certainly help you:.

It is also helpful to have a school library card or resident identification card that you can use to access books and other materials in a nearby community library. If your research involves interviewing people, then a tape recorder or digital recorder would be useful. I may have missed several other objects, so please do further research to help you answer your question.

Though my hub does not talk about how to write a research proposal and a good one at that , I suggest that you ask yourself what topics would you like to examine further. For instance, if the field is broad like health, then list down health-related topics that you find interesting. Choose issues that you would like to explore.

Why more than one? Just for contingency in case, the others seem harder to do, if not impossible. Some organizations ask for monitoring, evaluation, and sustainability plans. There are also agencies and assessors who are meticulous when it comes to the use of the English language, particularly grammar and spelling. Thus, you might want to hire a professional editor and a proofreader to help you polish your research proposal.

Otherwise, there are online materials that you can use to help you improve your English writing skills. I hope you will find this response somehow useful. Otherwise, please conduct further research on what makes "a good research proposal.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Now I have understood what research is and it's main objectives, the reasons for carrying out research. I love it thanks. Thanks for reading my hub, Annacky A.

Educational research is important in education because it is conducted in order to provide reliable information regarding educational issues and their solutions. Yes, Kate Tr, you and your team may use reason 7. Good luck on your presentation and may you inspire your workshop participants to engage in research. I'm really impressed with the words that you has written. That is so clear and easy to understand. My team from Vietnam is going to have a workshop about researching skill next month so i want to ask for your permission to use the point no.

We just want to take notes and a quote from it and give the link of the articles in the reference. Research is very important because no research carried out society will remain where they were before to mean there is new discoveries and the problems in the society will not answered. As for your comment, Christyluv, there are in-text citations in some parts of the article. The insights and tips given are based on my experience as a researcher.

Hi Im leigh To Andrea Veronica Pricillo: I hope that you've read my hub to help you answer your assignment. Thank you, peace, Megan, Phineas. Africa Kenya, and Thomas. May you all succeed in your research endeavors. By the way, Thomas, I'm not a "Sir". Hope you're able to answer your questions yourself by reading articles like mine.

Thanks so much for your article. It has helped me get along with my studies! I was stuck for ideas before finding this. Unfortunately us developing countries hve big challenges in research. Unfortunately, amanya, I don't provide scholarships. You can use a search engine though to help you find scholarships that meet your needs and which would accept your credentials.

I think your question can be answered by three reasons stated in the article - i. I learned a lot , it serves as my reference on how to do research. Thank you for sharing your articles. Yes, intelligence test scores can be used as research data to improve or reinforce a student's academic performance. By using intelligence test schools, students can be evaluated and given the correct amount of help that they need in school. For example, IQ test are given to place children in "gifted programs," by using these test these students are ensured that they will receive the best quality of learning at a pace that is just right for them.

On the other hand, these test also let teachers and faculty know which students may need extra help in certain areas in school. Jave, Caleb, and Nagham: Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. May you succeed in your research endeavors. I wrote this piece years ago, Jave. Around , if I recall it right. Occasionally, I'd edit some lines. I'll probably add some info soon.

And your article has really actuated my interest in research-as u wrote" The lazy, if not mentally drained, student could say, "Not again. Your article answered my question. By the way, when did you wrote this? I did not cite my personal circumstances though, but I gave an example as to how and why research helps address personal issues. Also, it is easier to complete a research project that is based on personal interests as opposed to one that a boss or an institution wants to accomplish.

Thanks elayne and Pamela Hope that, like us, other readers of this hub will appreciate research and the process of doing it as well. Research is a great thing and so much has been learned through research of all types. Congrats on your nomination. We are lucky these days that there are so many resources for research available to us online and off.

I truly enjoyed my studying at the university and still live close enough to use their library every day. Great hub and congrats on the nomination. This hub is a Hubnuggets nominee.

We invite everyone to please read the nominated hubs and vote! You have the right to vote So what are you waiting for? Follow me right here: Also, participate in the Hubnuggets forum: Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October There are two reasons for writing the hubs, to feel better about the things as they are and to render understanding about changing the things from what they are to what they ought to be.

Research is something which allow your readers to understand the points you are making in a better manner. At least that is what I do, I research to understand the subject better, and as a fall out to it, like making notes to what I read, I write the blog to share what I have learnt with others. I agree with you. Research can be daunting too. Oftentimes, I find myself spending more time reading than writing. It's hard to think and organize thoughts based on researched materials.

Plus, our adult minds can only absorb a little of what we've read. There's so much to learn, yet only a little is retained.

Thanks for this interesting read which I really enjoyed. I do a lot of research as I enjoy the new knowledge that I discover.

In fact the discovery of stuff is always fascinating to me. And I just love reading, so it's no problem for me to research stuff - on the contrary, what is difficult is stopping the research and getting on with the writing! I agree, research isn't just a professional necessity, it's a wonderful way to keep your brain engaged!

Congratulations on your nomination-well done! Thanks for the kind words. I didn't expect the nomination actually. It's humbling, yet it's inspiring me to write more hubs in future. Education is very important to me and I impart the same value to my child. I hope kids like her will like research and appreciate the process and ultimate goal involved, i. See 3 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: What reasons may drive one to appreciate research and engage in it?

A Tool for Building Knowledge and Efficient Learning Research is required not just for students and academics, but for all professionals. Means to Understand Various Issues Television shows and movies ooze with research - both on the part of the writer s and the actors. An Aid to Business Success Research benefits business. A Way to Prove Lies and to Support Truths Ever experienced feeling that your mate is having an affair behind your back? His statement in support of Donald Trump Seek Opportunities Through Online Research.

Means to Find, Gauge, and Seize Opportunities Research helps people nurture their potential and achieve goals through various opportunities. Make Reading Books a Habit. Nourishment and Exercise for the Mind Curiosity may kill not just the cat, but the human as well. Ways to Improve Research Skills Are you interested in further developing your ability to do research?

Try the following steps: Read hard copy and electronic books about research. If you have access to the Internet, you can watch online tutorial videos on research. High school students can learn from this presentation, for instance: Watch films and read different kinds of books, fiction and otherwise.

These sources can ignite your curiosity and drive you to seek more information. You might wonder why this is part of the research process. Watching movies, reading books, and writing various stuff hone your comprehension and ability to analyze. These can improve your vocabulary and aid you in finding your voice as a researcher. For those who intend to be full-fledged researchers, consider doing these steps: Attend training-seminars, workshops, and conferences aimed at deepening your knowledge and honing your skills in doing research.

These events are conducted by various organizations, particularly universities and "think tank" agencies. Use search engines to look for these opportunities, as well as for scholarships that could help you finance your participation in these activities. Search for reputable researchers in your field of interest, especially if you plan to pursue postgraduate studies. You could email an academic, a scientist, or another professional to inquire about their opinion on your thesis or dissertation topic.

Having a research mentor can help you gain a broader understanding of what research is all about. He or She can likewise enrich your experience and insights as a researcher. Find Research Findings in Academic Journals. Think About This Do you find research important? Yes No Maybe Huh? If you have read How does research contribute to quality education?

What is the importance of identifying a problem in doing research? Can you give offer some examples that describe number six? A Seed to Love Reading, Writing, Analyzing, and Sharing Valuable Information When your teacher asks you to research a topic that you want, think of topics that you find interesting. Who are the key figures in the study of research? Please conduct further research if you find my response inadequate, if not wrong.

Why is it important to conduct historical research? What are the main objectives of doing research? What are the objects that are important in research?

Having a laptop or desktop computer or a smartphone that has access to the Internet and printing machine can certainly help you: What should I do in order to write a good research proposal?

Thank you for the kind words. Good luck to your future research endeavors. Thanks for reading and appreciating my article, Isah, Emmaugoh, and Lazarus. Good luck to all of you. Thank you for reading my hub, Oscar peter. Glad to know you find it useful. Good luck to you and your research endeavors. Thank you for reading and appreciating my hub, Festus Iranlade Adeyemi. I appreciate your encouraging words, Kareul. Thanks for sharing your insight, Muhire. Thank you for this author. Please do continue and don't stop making such helpful hubs.

Hello there, I'm really impressed with the words that you has written. If you are happy for me to use it, please let me know.

Thank you so much and keep on your great job. Thanks for reading my hub, Leigh and Christyluv. Thanks for reading my hub, Mushtaq Dogar. I'm female, by the way. Thanks azzeddine khadidja for appreciating this hub. Thanks SiYoung Chun for appreciating the Philippines. Thank you, lquo and Nabbaale Winnie, for reading and appreciating my hub. Thank you for the salient information regarding the importance of research. Thanks for your time and kind words, Daday Baro. Godspeed to you as well.

Why Research is a tool for human development? Why Research is important? What are the functions of Research? How we will give conclusion in Research? Sir can you answer this questions Please Thanks for reading my hub, sthakumar, amanya, and elly.

Yaa it Good for every Students to understand that the importance of Reseach Thanks for reading my hub. Thanks again and goodluck to your research endeavors.

2. Means to Understand Various Issues

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What is the Significance of Research in Business? The following aspects highlight the business research significance: New Knowledge: The fascination and desire for new knowledge, new facts for business cycles, environment analysis and technological upgradation are the primary reasons of research.

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Business research helps business managers find new markets and make the most of their resources. They are important for start-ups and investors. Established businesses often use it .

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Conducting research to better understand the industry your company operates in is integral to success. Knowing who your competition is, who your customers are and what products or services to offer will help you to develop a solid plan. In addition, business research helps organizations avoid future failures. Scientific research can be subdivided into different classifications according to their academic and application disciplines. Significance of the research. Research has its special significance in solving various operational and planning problems in the business.

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This article discusses the importance of research in business management. Businesses can use research to guarantee sufficient distribution of their products. Research has its special significance in solving various operational and planning problems of business and industry. Operations research and market research, along with motivational research,are considered crucial and their results assist, in more than one way, in taking business decisions.