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World War I and Remembrance Day

remembrance day homework help

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What is Remembrance Day?
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Countries in Europe had been pretty angry at each other for a while, but what most people think was the last straw in this long argument happened in Franz Ferdinand, who was next in line to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was shot and killed in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Austria-Hungary eventually declared war on Serbia, but since Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary, they also declared war on Serbia. Russia was allied with Serbia, so the war had two countries on each side.

Great Britain got involved in the war because they had promised a while ago to protect Belgium, and Germany had declared war on Belgium. Some of the other countries in this group were:. World War I ended on 11 November , when the Allies and Germany signed an Armistice that meant they each agreed to stop fighting. This went into effect at During the months after this, Germany and the Allies agreed to terms of peace. These were laid out in the Treaty of Versailles , which was signed on 28 June Over 16 million people died during World War I.

It lasted from 1 July to 18 November Around 1 million people were killed or wounded during that time. It is a time to think about those in the armed forces who have died in battle, not just in World War I. There are also special ceremonies on Remembrance Sunday all over the country, including one in London at the Cenotaph war memorial. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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When is Remembrance Day?

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What are World War I and Remembrance Day? World War I lasted from Homework Help. Glossaries: maths, English, science Homework Gnome: History; 'A priceless resource for modern day parents trying to help their children through those ever changing school years.' - Hannah-Marie, Surrey.

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On Remembrance Day everyone in Britain is asked to remember the sacrifices made by others during times of war. The special day is also known as Remembrance Sunday because it falls on the second Sunday of November.

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This is a great help for my topic homework this is an amazing site I will recomend this to friends and my teacher as we are learning about remeberence day. uc berkeley phd thesis archive Remembrance Day Homework Help how to start a college admissions essay best help writing a thesis statement.

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Fascinating facts, did-you-knows, activities, timeline, gallery and more about the Great Plague to support primary-level history remembrance day homework help work. essay on my country nigeria Remembrance Day Homework Help help me fix my thesis maya angelou biography essay.