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global warming. reaction paper. :)

We are killing future generations of children with our views on climate change

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Reaction Essay on Global Warming

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Global warming and the human element

For example, the causes of global warming can be split into two groups: Man-made causes are primarily those occurring through pollution, particularly through the air in this case. Fossil fuel such as coal or oil are released into the air via factories, car engine emissions, etc. When these fuels are burned off, they give off a greenhouse gas called CO2. When this toxin enters the atmosphere, it produces holes in it; puncturing the ozone layer, which essential keeps us safe from the powerful rays of the sun.

Consequently, extended CO2 exposure can cause the polar ice caps to melt , resulting in mass flooding and even temperature fluctuations. Natural causes are, as the name suggests, created by nature. Methane gas from wetlands, the arctic tundra, and other climates are given off naturally, with little to no explanation. As another example of the potential implications of such behavior, we are seeing more and more examples of wildfires. While wildfires are common and natural , they have been more recently attributed to the temperature fluctuations as a result of global warming.

The rising population of the Earth is allowing for more people to consume technology such as cars, trains, and buses, whose engines all burn off these fossil fuels. Even the production of items such as smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc.

The higher the population rises, the more people there will be to consume these products, which ultimately leads to a higher rate of pollution. Pollution also transcends class or economic level. Poverty-stricken communities use substances such as coal to heat their homes, or to cook their meals. If these communities have automobiles available for use, they are often not very environmentally friendly.

Besides air pollution, lower-income areas may not have advanced sewage systems, which can lead to a contaminated water supply, which in turn effects the entire ecology of these areas. Likewise, comparatively wealthier communities the United States being a prime example live a lifestyle of consumerism and capitalism, which means the more money we earn as individuals, the more we demand, consume, and ultimately, pollute.

However, humanity has sped up the process of this concept, and if we do not offer clean energy solutions, reconsider our manufacturing methods, and focus more on purifying our carbon foot print, then ultimately, we are still to blame. Ultius Blog, 18 Mar. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Research Paper on Global Warming. Click here for more help with APA citations. Apart from industrial activities, human activities such as deforestation generate huge carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in tropical countries.

Since evidence strongly indicates human beings are the cause of global warming, the inference is that human beings can slow down global warming and its damaging effects. This action is of utmost urgency and importance since it determines the viability of future generations. Success in minimizing global warming can only be achieved by involving everyone. For instance, elected leaders must be put under pressure to pass necessary legislation.

At the individual level, proper waste disposal must be practiced. Tips on reaction essay writing: To compose a good reaction essay on any topic, the writer needs to conduct some research on that topic. For example, if you are not fully aware of the causes and effects of global warming and how it impacts mankind, you would need to read some studies before writing a reaction essay on global warming.

Otherwise, how do you know what your thoughts are on the topic? Do not forget to take notes as you read and to develop an outline for your paper.

This will make the writing process go smoother and easier for you. To finalize your essay, you might read the reaction essay aloud, listening for correctness in grammar and word choice, as well as organization of ideas. Visit our essay writing service to order a custom essay on any global warming topics. AdvancedWriters will provide you with professional essay help at affordable rates. Reaction Essay on Global Warming The major purpose of a reaction essay is to allow the writer to carefully assess his or her feelings or thoughts concerning a given topic.

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Monica E. Revadulla Reaction Paper NASC 10 U July 24, Global Warming The issue of global warming has been overrated ever since I was in high school. The moment I watched the documentary by Former US Vice – President Al Gore, the news and facts about the issue spread like wildfire, and various.

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a reaction paper in global warming submitted by: andrei dyon pagsolingan submitted to: mr. mharwin estabillo. Global Dimming Reaction Paper. Tenets of Communication The effects of global warming are increase of temperature on the earth and rise of sea levels due to thermal expansion of the ocean, in addition to melting of land ice. Documents Similar To Global Warming Reflection Paper. Skip carousel. Geol 1 Reaction Paper- Group 1. Uploaded 5/5(1).

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AdvancedWriters offers you free sample reaction essay about Global Warming. We hope this reaction paper example on Global Warming topic will help you. Additionally you will find some writing tips. Global warming is one of the most serious hazard that we our facing today. The alarming signs were seen, even here in our country. Drought happens during rainy season while typhoons come upon summer months. The abnormal rainfall causes the rise of sea water level and more areas experience flooding. These are only some of [ ].