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Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos, writes Chandra Biswas.

Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. Certain qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills.

Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Be it a cook or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. Even insects use mathematics in their everyday life for existence. Snails make their shells, spiders design their webs, and bees build hexagonal combs. A good curriculum of mathematics is helpful in effective teaching and learning of the subject.

Experience says learning mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if our curriculum includes mathematical activities and games. Maths puzzles and riddles encourage and attract an alert and open-minded attitude among youngsters and help them develop clarity in their thinking. Emphasis should be laid on development of clear concept in mathematics in a child, right from the primary classes. From around the web Cancer-ridden 8yr wants to die due to excruciating pain Milaap.

Don't buy a flat! See how NRIs are getting rich with this. Visarjan held after one day puja. Ranjan Gogoi appointed as new Chief Justice of India. This could reduce a great deal of stress in our lives — stress related to our forgetting that thing-processes are not constants. Family, partners, friends, work situations, health, etc. An important factor is to be aware that we assign our own individual values to what we see, hear, read, and so on.

We could avoid, or better manage many conflicts, by remembering variables and functions. There are lots of real uses of mathematics in our life. All the mathematics terms base on counting. Today our all businesses base on counting. There is no concept of business without mathematics. Before the mathematics rules people use barter system. They give their goods to others and take the goods from other people.

But this system cannot continue longer when need of humans increased day by day. Now you can think that counting has vital role in our daily life, just imagine if there were no mathematics at all, how it would be possible for us to count days, months and years.

What are utility bills? These are all applications of mathematics. We cannot deny the importance of mathematics in our daily life. When we got to shop to purchase something we need mathematics. When someone comes to our shop to purchase something we need calculations. There are many uses of mathematics in real life most likely in jobs like accounting, banking , store manager or just working at a simple fast food store.

These are very simple applications of mathematics. But the most important use of mathematics in our technologies cannot be contradicted. Our most of the system base on computers and all the computer technology are stands on mathematical rules. All computers work on binary code, code of zero and one. So we cannot deny the importance of mathematics in real life. Everyday life would be quite difficult if you had no knowledge of math.

On a basic level you need to able to count your money, multiply, subtract and divide. You need knowledge of math if you want to work out how much material to buy for a job. More advanced mathematics is essential if you take up any kind of technical career such as engineering. Working on algebra and geometry also helps with reasoning skills and assists later in life with technical problem solving.

Living your day to day life without maths would be extremely difficult. The key to opportunity These are the years of small beginnings until the day comes that you have to be able to do something as intricate as algebra. Math is the key that will unlock the door before you. Having the ability to do algebra will help you excel into the field that you want to specialize in.

We live in a world where only the best succeed. Having the ability and knowledge to do algebra will determine whether you will take the short cut or the detour in the road of life. Prerequisite for advanced training Most employers expect their employees to be able to do the fundamentals of algebra. If you want to do any advanced training you will have to be able to be fluent in the concept of letters and symbols used to represent quantities. This also shows us that all the sciences that are evolved have a sound foundation in mathematics, if we go further in debate it would be justified to say that the blessings of all these modern sciences and technologies are only possible with mathematics.

Mathematics is used as a problem solver in every field of science. Mathematics is playing a very important role in our daily lives. In fact mathematics is involved directly or indirectly wherever we go and every thing that we may use. When doing any form of science, whether just a project or a lifetime career choice, you will have to be able to do and understand how to use and apply the concepts of math. Analysis When it comes to analyzing anything, whether the cost, price or profit of a business you will need to be able to do math.

Margins need to be set and calculations need to be made to do strategic planning and analyzing is the way to do it. Data entry What about the entering of any data. Your use of algebraic expressions and the use of equations will be like a corner stone when working with data entry.

When working on the computer with spreadsheets you will need algebraic skills to enter, design and plan. Decision making Decisions like which cell phone provider gives the best contracts to deciding what type of vehicle to buy, you will use algebra to decide which one is the best one.

By drawing up a graph and weighing the best option you will get the best value for your money. Interest Rates How much can you earn on an annual basis with the correct interest rate. Writing of assignments When writing any assignments the use of graphs, data and math will validate your statements and make it appear more professional. Professionalism is of the essence if you want to move ahead and be taken seriously.

Math is basically about solving problems and calculating different things. So if you are good in math, you are good at solving problems and calculating things first hand.

Can you see the importance of algebra? Your day can be made a lot easier with planning. In financial decisions this can save you a lot of finances or maybe get you the best price available.

It all comes down to planning and using the knowledge and algebraic skills you have to benefit your own life. Use the key you have and make your life a lot smoother. Mathematics is very important for life since it helps us to quantify all the visible and invisible things with which we are dealing in daily life.

It is human nature that they do not have complete confidence in the subjective or relative things, in the modern day of today the objective things are preferred and trusted more than the subjective things. Mathematics helps us to have an objective view of the different things we are dealing with. It helps us in making calculations about the things which are not physically developed like for buildings before construction.

Mathematics is primarily used for the purpose of scientific calculation of figures and objects. In real life the use of Mathematics can be applicable to every aspect, field, profession and subject etc.

In IT field, in Statistics, in Accounts, in Algebra, in Geometry, for instance, Mathematics is used for calculating, multiplying, subtracting, division, differentiating, manipulating and managing the data in desired form. In other professions Mathematics can merely be used for the calculation of currency, recording the profits and loss. In ordinary life Mathematics can be used for the calculation of any specific or general sort. Concisely it can be said that Mathematics can be used for the authentic and scientific variation between and calculation of numbers, amounts, quantities etc; measurements of the frequencies of light and sound, of distance.

Maths is all around us. It is present in different forms; it is very important that we take note of it. Things are measured or accurate due to maths.

Mathematics has a prominent role to play in our daily life. Whenever we pick up the phone, manage the money, travel to some other place, unintentionally in all these things maths is involved.

Another very simple application is calendar year. How we know that today is Tuesday? It was Thursday on May 1, ? Mathematics do play a big part in our daily lives. Mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on are used in our daily activities.

From poor to rich , all have to some how use mathematics in their real lives.

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Geometry is the mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationship of the points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids (Foner and Garraty). An ancient Greek mathematician, named Euclidean, was the founder of the study of geometry. Euclid's Elements is the basis for modern school textbooks in geometry.

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Usage of math in everyday life. Chatting or making calls using mobile phone; Everyone uses cell phones and it is no surprise that one needs to have the basic knowledge about numbers, signs and digits before using it. From surfing the internet, faxing documents to making calls and sending messages, math is definitely a part of our lives.

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Usefullness of Mathematics in Everyday Life Essay Words | 6 Pages Usefullness of Mathematics in Everyday Life G H Hardy once said that "Very little of mathematics is useful practically, and that little is comparatively dull". Importance of mathematics in our life Mathematics is one of the most important subjects of our life. No matter to which field or profession you belong to, its use is everywhere.

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Math and many of its aspects are a major part of everyday life. We spend the majority of our school years studying and learning the concepts of it. Essay on Maths: Mathematics and Daily Life Life without mathematics Do any of us realize the importance of maths in our daily life? This is a subject that is applied to every field and profession.