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❶Maybe you need a wider source base, if they are required; both primary and secondary. Starting uni is full of surprises:

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Alternate views and why they are less persuasive. Should I offer firm rebuttals? Last edited by catoswyn; at Follow 8 Original post by Pitt You don't necessarily need a historiography all the time, you can have straightforward essay type answer to questions.

Original post by catoswyn There is a slight difference between a history and an english lit. So long as you can argue the point and provide quotes and reasons then you can just about justify anything you wish. Its all about your own interpretation and analysis of the text and often suits creative minds. History on the other hand is a little bit more like law. You are asked to discuss a point.

You select evidence from various places to prove or disprove the point you are making. You would also need to come to some conclusion at the end of all this as to what, having considered all the available opinions and evidence, you actually make of it yourself. This carries marks so is an important part of the process. Unless it is a source based question you are not drawing your proof and examples from the direct analysis of text and generally, though you may come up with interesting perspectives, at this stage of things you are not creatively interpreting.

So the chances are you may be missing something out somewhere or not using the right example or enough of them or discussing them fully enough etc. It is very difficult without seeing an actual essay to know what it might be so I would definitely be asking for much better feedback from my teacher along the lines of 'what should I have included in order to raise the level of this essay to an A'.

It might be something really simple in the end. Alternatively look for your exam board on line and the mark scheme guidance for teachers.

It should show exactly what needs to be seen in an essay in order to achieve each grade. If you read the B and A criteria you might spot what you are missing. Follow 9 Original post by Quick-use for History I usually use facts and then analyse them by saying what they suggest and such.

Follow 10 It's far more important that you construct your own argument, it probably isn't going to be original, but the only way I think you can get into the A boundary is to do that. It basically means using "It's debatable whether In terms of structure, make sure you're actually answer the question. Are you familiar with sign post sentences?

Using the words from the question and creating a sentence that sums up the paragraph do the same at the end of paragraphs too. I've got a history essay on the go right now, so I'll just nick one of mine as an example. Also means you can slightly manipulate questions to talk about what you want to write about.

If you're asked about the success or failure of an individual create a criteria for determining success - ability to cope with crises, popularity etc. Your conclusion should sum up everything too, and constantly refer back to the question.

In terms of detail, use as much as you can remember, but it has to be strictly relevant to the question. And don't start telling a story which is easy to slip into. Explain why it's important, to what extent it's important, and more importantly, the exact role that it played. High marks for that. And then there's the usual stuff of extra reading, slipping in the odd bit controversy I'm running out of things now.

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May 13,  · The best way to write an Advanced Higher History essay is with a clear structure: introduction, main section, conclusion. This guide shows you the type of detail you should include in each of these sections. * Introduction * Main section * Conclusion. Online homework help chat. We respect our clients and make sure our papers help students from America, Europe, and the UK achieve their academic goals advanced higher history essay help The Purdue University advanced higher history essay help Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus Thesis Statement .

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Advanced higher history essay help. By. So what i don't understand is that i'm writing faster on this spanish essay than i would on an english one?? veiled intentions maysan haydar essay. essay von christoph kucklick. eve sedgwick essays on leadership. buddhist perspective on euthanasia essay. Advanced Higher History Dissertation cheap Speech papers for college.