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Thank You For Being My Best Friend


❶Astonishingly, the book developed its own personality.

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We agreed the chapter was too long, but not where it should be cut. Since the book idea was conceived over cocktails, we agreed to return to the scene of the crime and discuss the problem. Two margaritas later, we were still at an impasse. Fate, in the guise of salsa, intervened. Dripping from a tortilla chip, the spicy red sauce plopped on the page in question.

We stared at the mess, then at each other. Laughing, we realized the smeared paragraphs were redundant. Like the salsa, the chapter was too hot. Our writing needed a cooling off period. A rule was set that major editing would occur only when the proposal was finished. We found ourselves sought out as speakers on friendship. We were encouraged to instruct a college class and appeared on a radio talk show. We both are control freaks. But since completing the project was a stronger desire than our need to have every word be our own, we found give and take became easier.

To our surprise, neither of us was offended by the complete slashing of paragraphs. Due to our vow of honesty, the editing was a truthful appraisal of the project, not a personal attack. We learned from each other and grew better at self-critique. To test the waters, we entered the proposal in the Southwest Writers Workshop contest. Deborah predicted a first-place win. When it happened, we celebrated. In the dream, we looked great! Fixing things we did wrong We spent too much time discussing who got top billing only to discover editors usually choose alphabetically.

We should have asked our agent and used the time to write. In fiction, we knew a writer takes risks: Consider those explicit sex scenes we hope our parents never read.

Nonfiction—especially if the subject matter is close to home—also exposes raw emotions. For the book to help others, we had to backtrack and revisit our strained past. We addressed the outside influences that had kept us enemies and the hurtful things we had said and done to each other.

We had learned not to skirt around a bristling matter for the sake of our friendship. In writing the book, nothing could be sacred or taboo. Insecurity about our abilities resurfaced in the middle chapters. We had let down our guard and allowed negative people to inflict doubt on our worth as writers.

Every successful person encounters negativity. When we understood their motives were counter to our best interests, we ignored them and kept our distance. The incident did make us recommit to try to stay in the realm of positive people where creativity flourishes. Gaining maturity, our friendship embraces trust, which allows us to question first, then laugh about and dismiss the sort of malicious gossip that destroys so many friendships.

Even closer than when we started the book, we plan to write another together concerning teen friendships. It takes work, caring and nurturing to create a book. I loaned my iPod to my kid and he broke it. This understandably bummed me out, since I really enjoy taking long walks on the beach while listening to some tune-age. I know free resume online reviews that can help you to make the decision about the best writing service you want to refer for the winning resume.

If you apply for a job position now you should have the most outstanding resume among all your competitors. For both of us. I love that whore.

Best friends are the most valuable thing in out lives, such gem is not easy to find, but when found…our lives changes. And we live miles away and we still know everything about one another, we know we can call whenever we need to, and sometimes we talk EVERY day for weeks and sometimes not for weeks, BUT she is my very best.

My boyfriend should be VERY happy that she always tells me whats up and stop being a dickhead. Articles like this make me feel… sad? Oh, and how desperate I am to have a best friend.

My best friend moved to San Francisco and it did not stop us from calling each other every week. I love her the mostest not a word, I know. If not, you may read this Thank you for being my best friend Share this: LikeBe the first to like […]. Reblogged this on Today and today and today and commented: I have yet to find the person worthy of this type of letter though.

And how I wish I was half as good as these writers are. Reblogged this on muslimahw. Reblogged this on Journey and commented: Not one to have a best friend, but blessed enough to have friends who actually fit this letter in one way or another. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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Everybody has friends but only ten or eleven are best for you. My first best friend is my mother. She plays with me and I also play with her. My second best friend is my uncle. He plays with me everyday. My third best friend is my grandfather. My fourth best friend is my grandmother. My fifth best friend is my aunt. My sixth best friend is Rayan.

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Write a poem about your best friend(s). Write a poem giving advice to your younger self. Describe love to someone who doesn’t believe in such a thing. Write a poem in which each line describes a color without using the actual name of it. Write a poem from the point of view of a .

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Horror Writing | Screenplay Writing | How To Write | Write Books | Read Write | Writing Tips | Writing Tools | Writing Community Writing Classes Places of Interest: Unique Wedding Invitations for . Our first attempt at a nonfiction book, So, You’re My New Best Friend: A Woman’s Guide to Better Friendships, was written with the intent we stay best friends. Our market research proved a need and .

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Thank You For Being My Best Friend A letter friend – insidethelifeofmoi, Dear friend, people lives barely leave trace, leave string footprints etched hearts, letting. Aug 02,  · How to Write a Letter to Your Best Friend Four Parts: Getting Ideas for Your Letter Writing the Letter Mailing the Letter to your Best Friend Best Friend Letter Sample Community Q&A Whether your best friend moved away or will just be away for a while, writing a paper letter sends the message that you care about them%(42).