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Senior Research Paper Writing Tips and Tricks

Structuring a reflective essay

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What Are Some Good Position Paper Topics?
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Depending on the needs of the individual members, this group will be configured to allow for sharing of work-in-progress and other support for research and writing. A library research session will also be held early in the fall.

During the fall, students may also find it useful to pursue opportunities for presenting work-in-progress to external audiences, such as an undergraduate conferences.

Often the process of writing up an abstract and presenting to a wider audience can help to advance your research and writing. Students planning to apply to graduate programs will want to accelerate the completion of their Senior Research Paper so as to have a writing sample available to send with graduate applications, which are generally due in December.

As stated above, the Senior Research Paper is due by 5pm December The paper must be submitted in both hard copy and pdf to the undergraduate chair.

For the hard copy, no binding is required. A cover page must be included as follows:. The paper will be reviewed by a faculty committee, who will report on the Senior Research Paper by the end of January and determine whether or not the student will receive Honors in the major. In rare cases, the department may make the conferral of Honors conditional on specific revisions to the paper completed by the end of February; in other cases, it may simply not confer Honors.

Note that completion of a Senior Research Paper does not guarantee that a student will receive Honors. Honors are received only if the paper is judged to meet the highest standards of both research and writing. Whether or not the student receives Honors, any student who writes a Senior Reseach Paper is encouraged, both in the fall and especially in the spring after completion, to disseminate the research conducted in the Senior Research Paper.

The following forums are suggested for the presentation of research:. This annual event in the department is intended to showcase work being done by majors in Classical Studies and Ancient History. In addition to the regular sampling of work by all seniors, students who have completed a Senior Research Paper may be invited to present a sampling of their work. College Undergraduate Research Journal , with the consent of the advisor.

Contact the undergraduate chair for details, which usually become available before the end of February. During the academic year, numerous calls for papers to undergraduate conferences are forwarded on the clst-ugrad list serve. These are excellent opportunities to present both work-in-progress and completed work. The Senior Research Paper replaces the mechanism for determining Honors employed till The Senior Research Paper, with its more concise format, more precise guidelines, and shorter schedule, has been substituted for the thesis for several reasons: The Senior Reseach Paper, however, has many things in common with the honors thesis.

The honors theses of recent years, although sometimes on a more ambitious scale than the Senior Research Paper, are still an excellent model for the kinds of topics that have worked well for students working with advisors in the department.

See here for titles of honors theses and Senior Research Papers submitted in recent years. Skip to main content. Senior Research Paper Guidelines and Schedule The Senior Research Paper will address a well-defined topic, question, problem, text, object, or other body of materials within the field of Classical Studies or Ancient History.

The paper must be submitted to the advisor in draft form by December 1, and then in finished form to the undergraduate chair, on or before December 15 in the senior year, prepared on the following schedule: Advisor At the time when the proposal is submitted, the student must name a faculty member who has agreed to serve as advisor. Topic-selection The student will devise his or her own topic in consultation with the faculty advisor s.

Course of study The proposal submitted in April must outline the course of study for the research and writing of the Senior Research Paper. Here are three typical courses of study for research and writing of the paper: Review of proposal The proposal will be reviewed by a faculty committee, who will notify the student by the end of April whether or not the proposal has been approved. Avoiding problems If any problems arise in the research and writing, the student must work with the advisor and the undergraduate chair to resolve these.

Support An informal working group will be assembled by the undergraduate chair early in the fall for all students working on a Senior Research Paper. Presentation During the fall, students may also find it useful to pursue opportunities for presenting work-in-progress to external audiences, such as an undergraduate conferences.

Completion Students planning to apply to graduate programs will want to accelerate the completion of their Senior Research Paper so as to have a writing sample available to send with graduate applications, which are generally due in December.

When consulting senior research paper sample becomes useful How to start off your senior research project How Can We Help Few suggestions on how to get inspired in conceptualizing senior research paper topics Only ask professionals to write senior research paper for you. One of the commonly used tools when a student is writing any type of academic paper is samples.

Be it an essay, research paper, thesis or dissertation — several students still consider them as the primary guide in writing an academic paper. If you are writing a senior research project and have not even considered browsing through any senior research paper sample , you might want to reconsider. Research paper samples are very useful in more ways than one. First, a research paper example can provide for you the basic template and format required in completing this academic paper.

You are not only given an outline of the parts of a research paper nor are you provided with mere description. Instead, you have complete access to what are the real contents of an academic paper. Next, some students even use research paper samples to look for inspiration on what topic to discuss. As majority of the completed research papers include suggestions on further study in their paper, browsing through them would be a good idea if you are still loss with a good research paper topic to discuss.

If you need more research paper help , then ProfEssays. We provide you with custom written academic papers for rates that are very reasonable. British writer Celia Green, in her book, published the following statement: The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest astonishment.

Published in , this excerpt lifted from the published material The Decline and Fall of Science, illustrates the necessity of providing fresh and innovative ideas to your readers when creating or designing a research. What many research papers, published in universities and colleges, lack is the element of astonishment. The senior research paper topics discussed in senior research project can sometimes be best described as generic and common. This, at times, becomes inevitable due to the fact that students are often restrained and limited on the topic that they discuss.

It is in these incidences when good research paper writers are separated from the mediocre ones. Effective research paper writers can translate the most monotonous topic into something fiery and interesting subject.

This is usually achieved if the writer can attack a topic at an interesting angle or if he provides thought provoking arguments within the paper. The professional writers of ProfEssays. We provide the most comprehensive custom research paper writing service today. In writing a senior research paper the scholar is moving towards the formality and idiomatic expression of a masteral dissertation.

The work of the writer should at this point be moving away from the lenient standards of high school assignments. While secondary level compositions merely seek to develop grammatical precision and skills in communicating ideas, collegiate compositions aims at improving the ability of the scholar to present essay topics in strict logical form and based on credibly documented arguments. The conversational first and second person perspectives will not be appropriate for a senior research paper.

In the same way, personal opinions may not be included. To familiarize himself with the linguistic style of a formal senior research paper , the student should seek out appropriate examples of this type of essay.

The article archives at ProfEssays. If, however, either the proficiency or the occasion to write is lacking, the writer may avail of its custom essay writing services…for a nominal fee. The exemplary performance of ProfEssays. No mediocre content will be included, including and especially, any hint at plagiarism. The following rules have to be kept in mind when attempting to compose a research and analysis essay:.

Using the proper reflective essay outline for the completion of a brilliant piece

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Research Paper Outline Examples Once you've decided what topic you will be writing about, the next thing you should pay attention to is the scope of your paper or what you will be including in your discussion.

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Senior Project Research Paper Outline Template Document instructions: 1. Go to File>Make a copy> 2. Click on the title of the new document, a window will open.

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outline example essay sample essay paper research paper outline examples sample research. Below are examples of research paper outlines. Creating an outline is the first thing you should do before starting on your research paper. Outline for senior project research paper, - Scientific research paper guidelines. We have writers from a wide range of countries, they have various educational backgrounds and work experience. But the common thing is their high level of language proficiency and academic writing skills.

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Senior Research Paper Writing Tips and Tricks Knowing How to Write Senior Research Papers Crafting a senior research paper is a highly analytical and time consuming task. Senior research paper is a paper that should be written by senior students at high school. As usual students choose the topic of the paper by themselves. It gives an opportunity to involve their professional interests and to prepare a background for further research.