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❶Half the time these idiots are calling me about a job that has nothing to do with what I actually do.

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Dec 05, I never recommend you to vote or to try this job portal website, monster. I did not get any job trough it. First I registered in monster and logged in as a user. After that I tried for a job in Bangalore. The truth was I did not get any job, but I got a lots of calls for interview and fro Dec 02, Hi friends, i register my profile in monster.

Nov 06, I got mail from monster. To attend the interview I had to deposit a registration amount of rupees only which was refundable in all case after successfully interview.

I deposit same amount in respective bank account bu Oct 15, They were offering me one year service plan and they were saying that their are many opportunities so I bought one year service plan but I didn't get anything there. I didn't get any call from recruiters or any company. They are just looting their customers and they are not satisfying them. Oct 11, Hello guys,Today I want share my personal experience with you all about monster.

But that was a mistake of my life because ev Oct 07, I have done b. Sep 09, I am here to share my experience on monster. First I inform you that monster.

Sep 03, In the past, monster. Aug 20, I was know about monster. Aug 18, After completing my Btech engineering, I have sign up for monster. I have submitted my resume in this job portal. After submitting I had receiving calls from consultancy everyday they ask me to visit their office and I have visited and found there were charging INR for registration and Jun 29, In this website people needed to get registered on this website to get job alerts According to their profile matches. But they ask you to pay certain amount while registration and also after that they will ask you to pay for showing good job Jun 21, I think this website is very help full for every one to.

Jun 09, I am registering with monster. Apr 04, I listened from my friend regarding this website. It is used to search the job from the internet. In this website can search job according to your experience and according to your interest. Some of the jobs are postings from months ago too. I tried to change the filter to only show new jobs posted in the past 2 weeks and it clears out my key words so I get every job that Monster has listed. I shut the email notifications off cause they jobs had nothing to do with I set it up with.

The resume reviewer is useless. I got a piece of feedback that I needed to take the pronouns out of my resume.

There are no pronouns in my resume. Just stay away, stick with Indeed even though they have their own issues and I have found some good leads on Linked In. Worst job board we have ever used. If anything, they actually hindered us as a business. David Briffa needs a complete retrain on customer service and his aggressive approach. Please do not use Monster. Their resume writing service is a bad joke!

I have paid for a resume service along with all the other add on Services to a cost of USD and I have been speaking to their team for over a month to no avail. They have no understanding of the industries such as Telco. I've tried using monster various times and have always been displeased with the results. That page has a login option that just reloads the page and sticks you in a loop. If you hit the upload resume button it goes to an error page stating you need to clear your cookies which doesn't work either.

When the site is working the only thing I get is a ton of calls from call center recruiters who call over and over back to back and refuse to leave a voicemail or contact me via email which I've stated I prefer. Half the time these idiots are calling me about a job that has nothing to do with what I actually do. I posted a EA job position on Monster. After many hours of communication and correspondence with them, it seems clear to me, that the recruitment services they proposed to me are a scam.

It was great speaking with you today. We have a staff of over recruiters called TalentFusion that do an amazing job providing a pipeline of qualified candidates.

We work with your team, to identify the perfect candidate, then we get to work. We will interview and screen all candidates and send you the interested, qualified candidates. Finally at the end of the call with Katy and Leigh, the only specifications of the "agreement" Katy could provide me involved a payment schedule outlined and invoiced below.

I didn't register the significance of her comment that one had hired within a week and the other within two weeks until careful review of the invoice. When I asked Katy to put in writing the minimum responsibilities and limitations of the services they had promised, they reiterated the same vague details in an email unrelated to any meaningful performance indicators or specific outcomes. However, they did attach an invoice that wasn't even as detailed as ones I have signed for office equipment inclusive of a service agreement.

And I call it a scam, because besides their failure to provide me a reasonable contract, they failed to mention in over three hours of phone and email communications what the invoice stipulated: We appreciate your time and all of the information you were able to share. I am attaching some slides for you to take a look at that paint of picture of our process.

I want to be sure we are being upfront with what you can expect from us and in return what we would expect form you as our partner. Each program begins with a Kick Off Call. My team will likely ask you some questions about the role and the opportunity. We look for your participation on this call to provide feedback on candidates and to allow my team to share with you market data and behind the scenes information on our recruitment strategy.

My team expects that you will provide information, partner to provide feedback and be open to best practices and recommendations we may have along the way. Whether you end up interviewing every candidate or disliking every candidate we send to you, this portion of the fee would still be owed. My team will work hard to find candidates that have the skillset you are looking for and that are interested in your opportunity, but we cannot guarantee the hire. You will own the responsibility of an initial call with candidates, the actual interviews and with negotiating salary and making an offer.

Leigh Fields Quote Valid From: Customer agrees to provide Monster with a weekly report on all hires made from candidates provided by Monster. Monster will bill Customer on a monthly basis Net 30 terms for additional fees due for the accepted interviews and each hire as set forth herein. Monster may, upon notice to Customer, audit any and all hiring records of Customer relating to this Agreement.

I've unsubscribed a million times and they keep sending me pointless emails daily. Eventhough I had updated my country of origin yet I was registered to Monster India and was receiving ridiculous request. I strongly discourage applicants from using Monster. They are a terrible company and i would highly recomend that you stay completely away from them. Their software is not that great and i have heard that their Job Board does not give great results either.

Some of their software looks ok but from reading other reports it does not give great results. I would advise anyone to stay away from this "FANCY" software other simpler jobs boards are much better.

I know of other people running into trouble with monster Feeling duped and tricked by their sales team like i have been and after contesting it they have been allowed out of the contract BUT only after signing a non-disclosure contract so. I would very much like to hear from anyone who has had a bad experience of Monster as they have tried to make me feel that i am unique and fussy though speaking to others i am gradually begginning to see that they mislead alot of people and i would like to hear from you as we are all stronger together.

After a lengthy process of job hunting including receiving irrelevant job suggestions from monster. Now I want to unsubscribe the service, and as I begin to do so, they begin to do what they suppose to do, which is giving out my info to recruiters, yea, after I found a job. Now I am receiving calls every day at work, from these recruiters pop out from the middle of nowhere, and of course they are referred by monster.

Apparently there is this "10 days processing" before I could completely unsubscribe from monster. Never trust these people, these people run the paid services with a bunch of inexperienced people who does not even know to converse in English.

Beware of these people, be really aware and never fall into such trap, they are just looting people in the name of needy people who are desperate for jobs.

Dont Use Agencies Beware! We clearly listed all the necessary qualifications, as well as the above-average salary and benefits we offered. Three weeks later, the number of ad views is less than and the NINE people who applied have no posted CV and are looking for positions that have nothing to do with health care, and include anything from forklift operator to dog sitting and newspaper advertising sales.

Visibility is pathetic, algorithm-based matching of the needs of the employers and the qualifications of the employees is obviously non existent, and if the people who responded are a representative cross-section of the potential employee pool, finding suitable candidates for other than low-level unskilled jobs is a losing proposition on this website.

Based on this frustrating experience, I strongly urge any employer seeking qualified candidates to avoid purchasing any advertising on this site, regardless of price. Its nothing but package of lots of fake promises to candidates. After payment they will never bother you Please donot trust these guys To our knowledge, this company collects reviews by asking its customers to share their experiences on Trustpilot.

Read more This company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, but to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot. Read more This company hasn't claimed its Trustpilot profile and to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot. Published 5 days ago. Monstergulf is just a fraudulent… Monstergulf is just a fraudulent company and their services are pretty useless and a waste of money.

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Their resume writing service is a bad joke! It’s basically staffed by India back office team who do some basic formatting and add a few buzz words (which do not reflect the truth). I have paid for a resume service (along with all the other add on Services to a cost of USD) and I have been speaking to their team for over a month to no avail.

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When you make or alter your Monster resume, you are requested to name your resume. The name you pick will be highlighted over the highest point of your resume in striking and shaded content as the resume feature, so select a name that is noteworthy and professional. What is the best executive resume writing service in India? Update Cancel. ad by Zoho. I have read the responses and reviews of this service and all of customers have a chance to communicate directly with their resume writers and express their opinion, comment on the resume style and keep track of progress. What is the best executive.

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Monster India offers resume services for job seekers to apply for jobs in India. Visit us now & decide which career services suits the best for your job skills. Resume Writing Services. subscribe our Xpress Resume service + that helps you stand out from the crowd thus increasing your chances of getting shortlisted for a job. Monster Resume Writing Review Update 11/11/ Due to an explosion of customer complaints directed at both Monster and the 3rd party contractor providing resume writing services for Monster, we've temporarily taken down our in-depth review of the company.