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English Paper Piecing Patterns

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❶All Over The Octagon. It was one of those posts that I hadn't intended to write, but the emails suddenly prompted me into action - it never seems quite right to send someone a word email, but it pains me to give someone advice and miss anything out, so it seemed better to write a blog post!

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Tula Pink Patterns

Adore that your husband goes haberdashery shopping for you! A great explanation and I may have to take this is holiday with me! It is so relaxing. You're right - it's far more relaxing than machining. I've been trying to figure out what "paper piecing" meant exactly and this is wonderfully thorough. I have also used Milliners needles which are longer- Bryony- Flossy Blossy recommended them, Clover gold eye- they are longer and very good, and Clover gold eye quilting needles which are very short.

A lot is down to personal preference and the toughness of your finger tips! I'll look out for those then was it not you who recommended the black golds? I'd thought it was during the FQ Twitter chat, but perhaps not. I like the shorts as it feels like your fingers have less work to do - they don't seem to have to travel as far.

Some of the first sewing I did was taking hexagons onto papers for the double bedspread my mother was making - she started it before I was born, and I was done with school before she was done with sewing. For templates I like the metal ones from Colers http: I use magazine covers for the papers.

A very useful tip my mother passed on is to knot the sewing thread as if finishing off at the end of every straight seam section, even if you're actually just going to turn a corner.

That way, if a stitch should pop a decade or so later, the damage isn't going to spread. My favourite threads for any kind of sewing are Mettler, and at the moment I'm using some lovely hand-sewing needles from Sajou that were a very special present.

She achieved beautiful effects with careful cutting of pieces. I should have put that in - I too do a knot at each corner - it feels much safer that way. I love how long the quilt took her - that must have been a backdrop to your whole childhood! Has she finished it now? Thank you so much for all the links and tips - my local sewing shop are changing over from Coats to Mettler, so I'll look forward to seeing what it's like after your recommendation. I'm just about to look up Lucy M Boston - thank you!

It's finished and living in California with my brother and sister-in-law now. There are scraps from her childhood dresses in there, from the dresses she sewed as a fashionable young woman in the s, from her father's shirts, and all the clothes she sewed for us as children.

I think the only fabric bought specifically for the quilt was the backing. Goodness - how absolutely lovely! Although I feel slightly pained for you that your brother has possession of it - it's a shame there weren't two! It's the downside of being the only child who learned to sew my sister has another large quilt. I'm supposed to make my own heirlooms! Brilliant post, thanks very much for sharing!

Well, I went in the fabric shop and bought the batting? I also bought some quilting needles in a handy little eggy pod thing. Oh and one fat quarter. I have some of the lingo down, get me. Thing is the women in the shop were right misery gutses and I didn't want to ask them anything because they didn't seem very helpful.

They may well have lost me as a customer if I can find another shop near me where the staff are more friendly and helpful. I have decided that for the time being I am sticking to squares, until I feel more confident. Thanks again for this tutorial, it's going to help me a lot, also your other one on making a quilt. It comes doublefolded so that the roll isn't an unmanageable length they tend to be fairly bulky and unweildy even with it double-folded!

Good luck with your quilt. What Rebeckah said above, you've written this so clearly that it doesn't seem at all intimidating. Thank you so much for a lovely informative post.

Again, I'm delighted that it's made sense - thank you for your lovely comment. I am working on a xmas quilt, all EPP. The piece has small hexagon. It is a large quilt, but I plan to work on it a bit every day until its done. It's so satisfying to know how many pieces you will have sewn at the end, isn't it! Wow, looks like tons of patience to me!

My Nan taught me to paper piece when I was about 11 - I've been patchworking on and off ever since. I only paper piece for my nearest and dearest - there really is a little bit of love in every stitch. This web page is really useful for printing out shapes http: I have a heap of diamond hexies on the go and a clutch of octogon blocks which I must turn into a thing of some description before September.

Looking forward to seeing what you make - and glad you're a convert! I spent some time browsing your lovely blog and really enjoyed it! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this! I just started my own EPP project and your tutorial is very helpful. This is a great tutorial. I read this and went in the loft earlier this week to find my first EPP project in hexagons and have now picked up where I left off.

So relaxing and I love how the colours come together. I've recently picked up sewing as a hobby and LOVE paper piecing and hand stitching. It feels so satisfying to create something in this way. Do you think your paper piecing adventure will mean you will use the sewing machine less?

I am also working on 2 Grandma's Flower Grarden Quilts, and a Tumbling Block Quilt made with neck ties that my sister in law started before passing away. I have fallen in love with English Paper Piecing.

Wonderful blog and great tutorial. I also 'stumbled upon' it. Many thanks for the inspiration. I've ordered the templates and am off to search my stash.

I liked the site very much. I am also new to english paper piecing. I am making a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt for my 2 sons, and finishing a Tumbling Block Quilt my late sister-in law started and gave me to finish out of neckties. Never heard of this Planning a quilt, this may be the direction I choose.

I've always wondered about EPP techniques, and lately I've had a crazy notion to do a mrs. Your tutorial helped me visualize it and I'm really thrilled to try mrs billings coverlet -- someday. I find your blog so helpful and cheery. Didn't read it as regularly as I should so only caught up with this entry today -- months after you had penned it.

Makes me itch to start something small! However my hand sewing leaves a lot to be desired and I always look to see if there is a machine sewing alternative. I wish I had your patience. I have only just found this blog. Thanks so much for a wonderful article. I am just about to go on maternity leave and wanted a new craft project that I could pick up and put down as and when I had a spare 15 minutes and have been reading books about quilting.

This have given me a real push to start NOW. I have some small projects lines up and so will be off to the shops tomorrow to get the last few bits I need. EPP here I come. I am brand spankin' new to EPP and am so addicted already! I tried cutting my fabric while holding my cardstock template in my hand and found that my fabric was cut too lean. So, I've switched to plain old squares and made them a bit bigger than is probably necessary.

However, I feel like it's kind of like training wheels. I can always cut them a bit leaner once I am truly experienced. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience with us! I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to thank you for creating such a helpful tute! I was considering giving EPP a try and you've convinced me!

We will not share or sell your email address. View our Privacy Policy. Browse these free paper piecing templates for quilting! Whether you need paper piecing quilt instructions, practice English paper piecing and hexagon paper piecing, or look for foundation piecing inspiration, you'll be delighted by our selection.

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Quilters on the lookout for a challenge and a unique star quilt pattern… More.

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Want to try English Paper Piecing? Free patterns like these are a great place to start. This hand-piecing technique will give your projects a handmade feel.

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We've got it all in our list of 15 Free Paper Piecing Patterns Our Best Foundation Piecing, English Paper Piecing Patterns, and String Quilts. You'll find some of the most artistic and intricate paper piecing patterns.

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Premium Quality. From our premium quality notions to our pre-cut Paper Pieces, you can rely on the quality to help you create with ease. How To: English Paper Piecing English paper piecing (or EPP) involves stabilizing fabric around a paper shape before sewing the pieces together to create intricate designs. It is most effective for designs that don’t have long straight sides but do have numerous set-in corners, such as the hexagon shapes.

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English Paper Piecing: Fresh New Quilts from Bloom Creek [Vicki Bellino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vicki Bellino, author of the popular Bloom Creek Quilts, presents a delightful selection of English paper-piecing quilt patterns. Using gorgeous pieced elements as appliqués/5(67). Tag English paper piecing. Books and Patterns • Notions. Up, Up and Away. October 14, December 1, Books and Patterns.