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❶What does Conjunto Palmeiras tell us about how marginalized people living in a peripheral neighborhood manage to create and develop political imaginaries of change and act upon them? To facilitate the application of porcine islets, adult API , juvenile JPI , and neonatal NPI porcine islets were first characterized under unified protocols to quantify differences in oxygen demand, viability, insulin secretion, proliferative capacity, and transcriptomes under baseline conditions.

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Influencia del clima organizacional en las actitudes laborales y en el comportamiento pro-social de los profesionales de la salud. University of Western Ontario. Direct Democracy on the Blockchain: Controlling anaerobic digestion to produce targeted compounds. A bioinformatics analysis of contributors to false discovery for a mouse genotyping array. Evaluating devices for the measurement of auditory-evoked fetal movement.

University of Novi Sad. Signal analysis tool to investigate walking abnormalities. Investigating non-targeted screening and accurate quantitation of trace surface water contaminants using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Examining visualizations — the design of an online visualization module to support students' learning of structures of macromolecules.

Does posture impact affective word processing? Examining the role of posture across adulthood in an incidental encoding task. Aerobic processes in landfill: Novi nanomateriali za adsorpcijo redkozemeljskih elementov iz vodnih raztopin.

Dependence modeling with applications in financial econometrics. Improve Effectiveness in Trauma Teamwork. University of San Francisco. How to write history: Thucydides and Herodotus in the ancient rhetorical tradition. The Ohio State University. Trouble concomitant de stress post-traumatique et d'utilisation des substances chez les militaires canadiens francophones: Rends-moi ce qui est mien: JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Some features of this site may not work without it. The total sample included participants. The mean age of the sample was Significant between groups differences showed that the comorbidity group was approximately 10 years older than the no comorbidity group, used more medications, and had twice the social network than the younger no comorbidity group.

While the comorbidity group did report more symptom distress than the no comorbidity group, in both groups, the majority of participants reported moderate to high levels of symptom distress. Likewise, there was a small, significant between groups difference for symptom frequency. In both groups, over half of the participants reported having symptoms. Correlations between variables showed a relationship between increased symptom frequency and decreased symptom management, and a relationship between higher symptom distress and lower symptom management.

Emotional social support showed a positive influence on symptom frequency and symptom distress, providing evidence that social support is beneficial in improving breast cancer outcomes. Additional findings include evidence that low socioeconomic status SES contributes to cancer health disparities. The overall similarity between the groups suggests that the effects of comorbidity may not have as much influence as would be expected, and SES and other social and contextual factors may have an effect of equalizing the groups for some variables measured in this study.

These trials include biographical information, and in-depth information on ritual practices that add humanness to the abstract descriptions included in European treatises, manuals, and encyclopedias.

By unpacking the history of Nahua healing knowledge in a colonial context, this study not only explores Nahua people, it also examines how Europeans processed and interpreted indigenous knowledge, materials, and practitioners. Starting in the late sixteenth-century, the Catholic Church systematically attacked Nahua healers in Central Mexico, particularly women, while Spanish physicians absorbed indigenous knowledge and discarded ritual practices and its practitioners.

Lastly, this dissertation demonstrates that women were integral to the preservation of healing practices and ritual customs among Nahua people in the seventeenth century, and that women led the resistance against Spanish colonialism, and bore the brunt of its wrath.

Hou, Mingzhu The University of Arizona. The two studies presented in this dissertation investigated the effectiveness of self-reference, an encoding strategy, on different subtypes of relational memory in young and older adults, and the extent to which the effect varies as a function of individual differences in basic memory and executive functioning. Study 1 investigated the influence of self-reference on two kinds of relational memory, internal source memory and associative memory, in young and older adults.

Forty young and 40 older adults encoded object-location word pairs using the strategies of imagination and sentence generation, either with reference to themselves or to a famous other i. Both young and older adults showed better memory performance in the self-referential conditions compared to other-referential conditions on both tests, and the self-referential effects in older adults were not limited by low memory or executive functioning.

Study 2 investigated the effectiveness of self-reference on memory for multi-element events. Thirty-six young and 36 older adults imagined person-object-location events with reference to themselves, George Clooney or Oprah Winfrey, and were later assessed on their memory for the events via multiple, cued, forced-choice recognition tasks.

Self-reference was found to increase memory for the multi-element events in both young and older adults, and the benefit of self-reference was not correlated with memory functioning in either group. Further, self-reference did not increase memory coherence—the extent to which the retrieval outcomes of different pairwise associations within the imagined events were dependent on one another.

These findings are discussed in terms of the potentially different binding mechanisms involved in self-related and non-self-related memories. The results of these studies also suggest that self-reference can benefit relational memory in older adults relatively independently of basic memory and executive functions, and may be a viable strategy to improve relational memory in individuals with different levels of neuropsychological functioning.

The relationships between these variables are especially important for individuals working in public safety professions. Fire service workers are regularly exposed to traumatic events and occupational stressors such as shift work.

A majority of firefighters and paramedics endorse sleep deprivation and are at an increased risk of mental health problems. Several days of recovery sleep following sleep loss is required for a return to baseline functioning. Although there is a bidirectional relationship between emotion regulation and sleep, little is known about the relationship between recovery sleep and emotion regulation in terms of negative mood outcomes.

This dissertation project aims to better understand the relationship between sleep, stress, and emotion regulation. More specifically, this project encapsulates a a review of the recent literature regarding sleep-related mechanisms, characteristics, and treatments in posttraumatic stress disorder as well as b findings from a study examining the relationship between recovery sleep and emotion regulation strategies in fire service shift workers. This is the first study to our knowledge to examine sleep patterns in fire service shift workers during the recovery period using gold-standard, prospective measures of sleep.

Findings suggest greater average sleep quantity and efficiency are associated with lower average negative mood. Additionally, emotion regulation style moderates the relationship between daily recovery sleep and next day negative mood. Our results further inform our understanding of the interaction between sleep, emotion regulation, and negative mood and may help guide development and implementation of interventions for individuals in public safety professions exposed to traumatic and occupational stressors.

Therefore, monitoring the binding events of ligands to receptors within the cell membrane is highly important for drug development. One key limitation of accurately monitoring ligand binding to a transmembrane protein is the reconstitution of the protein.

Many platforms lack conformational freedom for reconstituted membrane proteins, affecting ligand binding measurements.

This work developed a new liposome shell microparticle platform to tether lipid vesicles, which provide conformational freedom for the protein. These particles can be used in a pull-down assay for identification of ligand-receptor binding pairs. Liposome shell microparticles may also be used in packed bed membrane-based liquid chromatography. To retain the particles a frit is needed within the column. In this work a new thermal polymerization method for fabrication of on-column frits was developed.

This method has advantages including a short polymerization time, ease of frit placement within the capillary, minimal and inexpensive equipment and retention of the polyimide capillary coating. Thermal frits were synthesized within a packed bed column and allowed for separation of phenolic acids and aliphatic amines.

Frit stability and reproducible retention times demonstrate the utility of this new method for frit synthesis. Lipid vesicle heterogeneity may also affect ligand binding. However, liposome composition measurements are currently limited to bulk solutions. This instrument uses a sheath flow cuvette combined with laser induced fluorescence detection for high sensitivity measurements of single vesicles.

Single vesicle resolution was obtained through optimization of the sheath and capillary flow rates. These measurements revealed heterogenous lipid distribution within the same vesicle population. The single vesicle measurements using this instrument allow for more quantitative measurements when using fluorophores.

The University of Arizona. Why Villa survives through myth continues relatively unexplored. To analyze the origins of the myth and it construction over time provides an understanding of how ordinary people participated in fashioning their own ideas of nationalism.

It further describes and analyses how from the 's onward, these collective memories were transplanted to a wider audience by mass media; further shaping imagined perceptions that in one way or another persist until our day. Utopian Projects and the Troubled Paradise. This dissertation aims to understand how residents of the poorest area of Fortaleza—Conjunto Palmeiras—respond to these problems.

Conjunto Palmeiras is an extremely poor neighborhood and has the highest homicide rates in the city, yet it is also an important site of activism. Therefore, I seek to understand the tensions between poverty and activism present throughout the history of this neighborhood. What does Conjunto Palmeiras tell us about how marginalized people living in a peripheral neighborhood manage to create and develop political imaginaries of change and act upon them?

I ask this question with reference to three historical moments between and when collective attempts of problem-solving are clearly evident.

The first of such episodes is represented by s to late s period, marking the military dictatorship in Brazil, but also one in which a wave of social movements accompanied the democratization process. The second of these moments is represented by the period to , which in Latin America, in general, marked the Pink Tide, an era of governance by leftist parties, specifically by the Workers' Party PT in Brazil. My focus here is on understanding the contradictions embedded in the institutionalization of a once grassroots project—the solidarity economy movement, rooted in liberation theology—into a state-sponsored program.

This dissertation emphasizes that the creation of local political imaginaries, upon which activists developed particular strategies, has been constantly shaped by activists' personal life experiences and interaction with both liberation theology and PT leaders. Shifting understandings of the political landscape reshaped perceptions of poverty and ways to tackle it at the local level.

In Brazil, the 13 years of the PT governance put in place a set of socio-economic programs that enabled social mobility for the country's historically marginalized groups. However, during this period, the discourses of older social movements that promoted an egalitarian ideology and a working-class consciousness were replaced with more neoliberal and individualistic understandings of poverty.

Yet, over the years, the consciousness-raising process necessary to the formation of a working-class consciousness developed by the liberation theology movement, contributed to the creation of a certain political imaginary among former movement members that inspires the strategies of some local activists.

For example, with the increase of homicide rates in Fortaleza, drug related violence emerged in places like Conjunto Palmeiras as a generator of new forms of resistance, where activists dare to challenge the presence and authority of drug gangs through symbolic practices. Alhomsi, Riyad The University of Arizona. Very little research has been conducted about other less commonly taught languages such as Arabic. Moreover, most of the research focused on the affective aspect of technology integration and not on the potential language gains that learners can get from this integration.

Keeping this in mind, and given that Arabic occupies the eighth place in the top fifteen foreign languages taught in the United States institutions of higher education, more research is warranted to investigate aspects related to teaching Arabic, especially the effects of technology integration on improving language proficiency, learner motivation, and learner autonomy.

This study has contributed to the literature by examining technology integration effects on the Arabic language learner motivation, autonomy, and language gains. Findings from this study seem to support findings from other studies that technology integration increased learner motivation and improved attitude Aust et al. However, this study found that the correlation between technology use and motivation is not automatic and is only true when: The study also examined how technology use changes learner engagement in autonomous out-of-class learning activities.

Findings suggest that learners have a positive attitude on the versatility and affordances of technology. Moreover, the participants are not only aware of the affordances of technology, more importantly, they seem to have built a clear vision of themselves beyond the classroom and how to achieve that vision. This is a clear indication of an autonomous learner who is able to set their own goals, and the means to achieve them.

The findings also indicate that technology can provide tools that motivate learners to take control of their learning and extend it outside the conventional learning setting. It can personalize the learning experience and help develop a sense of ownership. These findings line up with findings from other studies which indicate that technology promotes ownership and personalized learning Guth, , supports independence and out-of-class engagement Pinkman, , and encourages self-directed learning activities Luke, The last part of the study focused on the effect of the general use of technology on language proficiency, specifically, fluency and accuracy in the writing skill.

See dissertation defined for English-language learners See dissertation defined for kids. Examples of dissertation in a Sentence He wrote his dissertation on an obscure 16th-century poet. Recent Examples of dissertation from the Web The hackers used stolen account credentials to access university professors' accounts and allegedly stole journals, dissertations and electronic books in science and technology, engineering, medical and other fields.

His official biography lists a Ph. Ashley Volion, 34, works part time at the Advocacy Center of Louisiana and is currently working on her dissertation in disabilities studies. Her parents are models of achievement; her mother wrote her doctoral dissertation on infant malnutrition in rural Brazil, and her father is an economist who works on health policy in the developing world.

Francine Patterson was working on her doctoral dissertation on the linguistic capabilities of gorillas and in started to teach Koko sign language. Hindt most recently was accused of plagiarizing his doctoral dissertation at the University of Houston. A thank you to fans who get the shaft," 10 June But their games last night devolved into dissertations on solo play while the other starters hung around the 3-point line like beggars hoping to cadge quarters from the stars.

First Known Use of dissertation Other Education Terms baccalaureate , colloquium , corequisite , monograph , pedant , practicum , survey course , thesis. Definition of dissertation for English Language Learners. Learn More about dissertation See words that rhyme with dissertation Spanish Central:

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