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Will Your Resume Land the Interview?

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5 Best Resume Writing Services
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Professional resume samples, whether it be a technical, IT or sales resume example, are great ways to get resume help. As we have already reviewed above, using a resume builder or a resume writing service can be a great way of getting a head start on the process, or even getting a solid resume critique on your finished product. The best place to begin is to sketch out a summary statement or career objective that will appear at the top of your resume. This will highlight who you are and give the hiring manager a quick read on what you're about.

It should emphasize your accomplishments and skill sets as well as your general career trajectory in a quick and seamless way, while also demonstrating the value you can provide as an employee. The next section will be where you describe your actual work experience. Work experience examples will include all of the jobs and internships that you've had in the past. You should bullet point the specific experiences, achievements and demonstrated outcomes in this area.

Definitely include the dates, the websites of the companies that you work for, as well as the professional title of the business itself.

Below this area, there is some room to add some personal elements to your resume. You can describe different skill sets that you have. Whether you are a teacher or an executive, you will have some interesting information you can include regarding who you are and some interesting skill sets that you potentially have. Once you have assembled a rough outline of your resume, you can get it vetted by a professional resume proofreader or submitted to one of the resume builder services above to get it proofread.

Perhaps you have some family members you can circulate your CV to have them provide feedback. Many people make the mistake of neglecting to adequately vet their writing before they begin submitting the resume.

You would be surprised how many jobseekers begin submitting the resume to hundreds of positions only to find a glaring and embarrassing error in their formatting or writing. You should always be learning as someone pursuing a rewarding career. You should view your resume as a living document. Always be iterating and improving on how you present yourself. Especially as your skill set grows and expands.

Nowadays, in this fluid and sometimes challenging job market, people do not update their resumes while they are employed. Do not make this mistake: Keeping your resume updated as well as using a resume builder or professional resume writing service is a robust means of maintaining your long-term employability.

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Do you spend hours staring at your resume feeling stuck and uninspired? Unsure whether the resume you are submitting could be better? How can you finally catch the eye of hiring managers? Each has their pros and cons when it comes to overall service delivery and cost. For our findings at a glance, just head to the table below. There are different resume writing services in existence today, and the quality of their service varies widely. As mentioned above, it is advisable that you pick reputable firms which have the experience of writing professional-grade resumes for their clients, as well as offering accessorized services such as tweaking you resume for different job requirements.

Even so, how does one pick out the right resume writing service from a myriad of service providers who all claim to offer the best resume writing services?

Moreover, their BBB rating also provides a glimpse to the quality of their writing services. You should also check the credentials of your dedicated resume writer, with one of the key competence designation that s he should have being Certified Professional Resume Writer CPRW.

Secondly, the resume writing service should spend time to collect all the relevant details about your education, professional, and work background; and then collate them and match them to your desired job requirements. This means that it would take time for your resume to be written, and therefore a good writing service can take between hours to compile a good resume, and an additional 12 hours to write it down in a presentable format. This also makes the turnaround time the duration it takes for one to give the instructions to when a final resume is ready , to range from 48 hours to 72 hours.

This also means that you need to avoid those firms that promise a fast turnaround of less than a day. Another thing to mention here is that you should seek resume writers with a background in HR or employee hiring service, as they understand what most employers are looking for in a resume.

The third criterion to use is to check their writing process, and this is possible if you are assigned a dedicated resume writer who will take you through the resume writing process. This writer can also inform you how many revisions you are entitled to, as well as any guarantee about their end product.

Moreover, the writer can help you to fill out a questionnaire that the resume writing service will send you, in addition to having a phone conversation with you so as to survey your skills and professional background.

Apart from the 3 criteria mentioned above, you should also check the pricing package, and the resume writing packages on offers, as this allows you to choose the best resume writing service for your needs. The aforementioned set criteria have allowed us to select 5 of the best resume writing services currently available. It also provides Curriculum Vitae CV writing services.

This allows the service to tap into a large pool of professional resume writing expertise, as well as maintain a hours workforce without incurring prohibitive overhead costs. It also allows for creativity and innovativeness in the resume writing process which results in the production of well-formatted, professional-grade resumes that stand out from the rest. All of its independent contractors have undergone 3 levels of resume writing training; and these are:.

This ensures that their writers understand the standard in-house resume formats, writing processes and procedures. The firm prides itself of providing high-value resumes that are bound to impress the document owners and employers alike. Also, its mechanics and procedures of resume writing process is quite impressionable, with the standard procedure explained hereafter. This information is then organized and collated in order to gain an insight into the strong points of the client which a potential employer may be on the lookout for, and these strong points are prominently highlighted in the final resume draft.

Normally, this is done by capturing these strengths in the first lines of the final resume. Usually, the information obtained from the client allows the writer to categorize the resume into one of two groups; targeted resume and tailored resume. A targeted resume is written specifically to address the needs of the prospective employer, while a tailored resume is specially conceptualized to highlight the skills and competencies of the client.

For executive and specialist-level job applications, the writer can combine elements of tailored and targeted resume creation in order to come up with a creative, concise, and high-impact resume that cannot be ignored by the recruiter. Regardless of the resume type, the format of the final resume remains more or less the same. This format divides the resume into 5 sections which are given the following section headings; biodata, objective statement, relevant skills, employment history and education history.

It is the sequential organization of these sections in the resume which determines the resume format style. There are 5 format styles available: The latter 2 are specially designed for submission through dedicated online job application portals.

Even so, in all these format styles the biodata which provides the names and personal contact information of the job applicant, along with the objective statement always form the first and second sections of the resume respectively. The objective statement is a clear and concise description of how the job applicant would benefit the prospective employer, as well as describe the type of job position that the applicant is interested in.

Next, the education history provides a reverse chronological order of the academic achievements of the applicant with the recent achievements being listed first and GPA score or high-school diploma listed last.

After that, the employment history lists the major work experiences that the applicant has, with the resume writers focusing on writing concise descriptions of job experiences and skills acquired that are tailored to satisfy specific prospective employers.

A screen grab from ResumeWriters. This firm focuses on using action verbs, percentages, and quantifiable figures to list job responsibilities and achievements. White spaces are also strategically used in the resume so as to create a visual hierarchy of the resume information. The writer then incorporates these feedbacks and the draft is reviewed by the client again and any other necessary adjustments are communicated back to the assigned writer.

Its 6 pricing packages come bundled with the following 3 standard services; direct consultation with the writers, standard 72hours turnaround time, and a hour turnaround rush offer. There are also resume samples posted on its website for potential clients to review, and assess the level of professionalism exhibited by its resume writers. Its well-designed and easy-to-navigate website allows one to quickly place the right order on time, along with relevant instructions.

Its work model involves working with independent contracted professionals which allows the company to tap into a large pool of professional resume writing expertise, as well as maintain a hours workforce. Moreover, this allows for creativity and innovativeness in the resume writing process which results in the production of well-formatted, professional-grade resumes that stand out from other ordinary resumes.

This is a professional resume writing service that focuses in producing professional resumes that are written by its 4 in-house professional resume writers.

Their resume writing packages are graded by experience level and turnaround duration into 4 groups, namely, the Basic Resume and Basic Rush packages, as well as the Full Package and the Full Rush Package.

Its writers are encouraged to be creative and innovative, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism which allows them to create a well-formatted, professional-grade resumes that stand out. Its writers have a total of 20years cumulative experience, and all of them hold a CPRW certified professional resume writers certification.

Moreover, an in-house training course is provided so that they standardize their work output according to the packages on offer. Additionally, this allows them to understand the standard in-house resume formats, writing processes and procedures. Ultimately, this allows the writers to know how to create uniform high-value resumes can impress prospective employers. Screen grab of ProResumeWritingServices.

Its resume writing process is client-initiated, with the prospective job applicant placing an order for a resume. This order is placed to match one of the packages on offer. The resume writer then directly communicates with the applicants and obtains the needed information through phone interview and a structured questionnaire. This information is then organized and collated in order to gain an insight into the strong points of the client which needs to be marketed to a potential employer.

These strong points are then highlighted in the final draft by being strategically included in the first 15 lines. The client information also allows the writer to determine whether to write a targeted or tailored resume. Even so, the Full Packages entitles the client to receiving high-impact resume that combines elements of both tailored and targeted resumes. Even so, the resume format follows the industry standard which requires it to have the following 5 section headings; biodata, objective statement, relevant skills, employment history and education history.

Let us help you find the right service to describe your abilities in a way that leaves the readers in awe! What happens if in pursue of a good resume, you choose to go with the cheapest or first choice instead of seeking for the top rated resume writing services?

Obviously, the top rated companies are those who provide continued quality, so the risk of doing this is quite big. As a matter of fact, some reputable companies offer quite a reasonable rate for resume help, and many of them have a variety of packages you can choose from to save some money in the process.

It is the smartest investment you can make in terms of starting your career right. Even if it seems like an unnecessary thing to you now, you will surely appreciate the benefits it offers later. Some services go so far with their scams, they even publish fake reviews online to trick you into believing that they are the right choice for you.

Instead of spending hours asking around for a nice resume writing service, you need a couple of minutes checking the reviews on resume-writing-service. To actually help you find a nice company, we look at every little aspect of it — quality, pricing, and reliability, just to mention a few.

Our job here is to provide you with a detailed description of what a company is all about. We will tell you about their reliability and writing experts, the packages and prices offered, as well as the customer service provided during our order preparation with the service.

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This is a professional resume writing service that offers resume writing services alongside CV writing services and write-up of professional LinkedIn Profiles for their clients. It has 3 resume writing packages which are grouped according to level of work experience of their clients. The longevity of a company is usually a good indication of how well it treats its customers and the quality of its product. is one of the longest established companies in the resume writing world, and may well be the largest of its kind.