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Bad Rosa Parks essay reignite ire over UNC cheating scandal


❶The shocking essay came to light during an ESPN documentary timed to coincide with the March Madness basketball competition.


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Only a small percentage of college athletes go on to play in professional sports. The NCAA gives the following probabilities for college athletes playing in the pros: Playing college sports in highly competitive divisions is a taxing journey. Between practices, workouts, games and classes, the work can take a toll on these unpaid student athletes. For years, there has been a debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid and recently football players at Northwestern University were told by the National Labor Relations Board that they qualify as employees of the university and hence can unionize.

It remains to be seen what will come of that and how unions could change the face of college athletics, including the quality of education for the student athletes. Should college athletes be paid? Should college athletes be held to the same academic standards as their fellow students?

The Rosa Parks commemorative stamp issued by the U. The stamp went on sale February 4, , what would have been Rosa Park's th birthday. The story behind the essay, however, was more complicated than we thought. Nor was it necessarily a finished piece of work. It was most likely a draft of one piece of a take-home final for a legitimate introductory course. The student did not earn the A- for the paper specifically, but for the entire, completed class.

So instead of evidence of specific academic corruption, the image merely seems to be visual proof that UNC admitted athletes with grade-school-level writing skills and awarded them high marks. Later in the feature, former UNC football player Deunta Williams explained that he believed the coaches were in on the scam.

But after the essay began making the rounds on Twitter, Willingham clarified that was not the case. Clarification on RP paper that went viral.

It was a final essay for an intro class. Final grade in class A-. Not a real education. Willingham told me that ESPN had asked her to show them some of the hundreds of writing samples she keeps on file from the athletes she worked with at UNC; she retrieved a pile of them. The Rosa Parks essay, which happened to be on top, was just one typical example of what students regularly showed her. She said she never told ESPN that it was from one of the fake courses. Online commenters have noted that AFAM 41—the class name listed at the top of the essay— was a legitimate intro course in the African American studies department and would have required more than a single-paragraph essay to complete.

Willingham said that was correct. Willingham also confirmed the paper was a draft, though she could not say what sort of edits the student might have made. When it came to graded assignments, she said, she personally could only offer general guidance to students and would not have gone and rewritten the essay herself. Willingham said that although she did not know what grade the student-athlete received on his final, she did know his class grade, because as a learning specialist, she was involved in clearing him for NCAA compliance.


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Apr 03,  · The Rosa Parks essay, which happened to be on top, was just one typical example of what students regularly showed her. She said she never told ESPN that it was from one of the fake courses.

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In January the University of North Carolina publicly apologized for offering "phony classes" designed to keep athletes academically eligible since the s. In an ESPN report, ex-UNC football.

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Unc rosa parks essay, - 10 best resume writing services. Our writers come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Some of them are journalists and bloggers, others have a degree in economy or law, some used to be literature or chemistry teachers. For years, UNC Chapel Hill student-athletes and non-student-athletes alike used "paper classes" — courses that never met and required only one final paper — to boost their grades. The NCAA.

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The one-paragraph essay on civil rights icon Rosa Parks earned an A- and was exposed by former UNC professor Mary Willingham, who spent 10 years teaching UNC's athletes before she turned. Mar 28,  · An essay about Rosa Parks, written by an unidentified athlete at UNC, was words. Former academic specialist Mary Willingham said it got an A-minus.