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Essay: The Salem Witchcraft Trials

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❶A Legal History Kansas: One problem with spectral evidence was that apparitions of demons were invisible to other people in the same room; only the afflicted girls could see the shapes.

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Essay title: Salem Witch Trials
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The doctor was puzzled and unable to offer a medical explanation, but suggested that it might be the work of evil forces. Parris consulted with local ministers, who recommended he wait to see what happened.

But word of the unexplained fits had already spread around Salem Village, and soon several other girls, including three from the home of Thomas Putnam, Jr. Pressured to explain what or who had caused their behavior, the girls named three Village women as witches. One named was Tituba, the Rev.

Parris' slave, who had enthralled many local girls with fortune-telling in her master's kitchen. Another named as a witch was Sarah Good, an unpopular woman who had reportedly muttered threats against her neighbors; the third was Sarah Osborne, who had allowed a man to live with her for some months before they were married.

Warrants for the three were issued on February Good and Osborne declared that they were innocent and knew nothing of witchcraft, but Tituba exuberantly confessed, claiming that witchcraft was practiced by many in the area. Her confession excited the villagers. While she was examined in the meeting house in front of hundreds of people, the afflicted girls cried out in what appeared to be extreme agony. More individuals were accused and jailed as the weeks passed, but no trials could legally take place because, for the first three months of the witchcraft uproar, Massachusetts was without a legally-established government.

On May 14, , Governor William Phips arrived with a new charter and soon created a special Court of Oyer to hear and Terminer to determine. The court's first session, held on June 2, resulted in a death sentence for the accused witch Bridget Bishop; she was hanged on June She was not the first accused to die, however; Sarah Osborne died of natural causes in a jail in Boston on May Cotton Mather of Boston's First Church wrote privately to the court expressing reservations on questions of evidence.

On June 15 a group of ministers including Cotton Mather, wrote Governor Phips urging that special caution be taken in the use of evidence in the trials, but the ministers said no more publicly in July, August, or September. The court next met on June 29 and heard the cases of five accused women. When the jury tried to acquit one of them, Rebecca Nurse, Stoughton sent the jury back to deliberate some more.

When they returned they had changed their verdict to guilty. The characters include a young, naive girl accused of helping a woman named Sarah Good "make a deal with the devil.

This girl was fortunate to be spared, but Sarah's death haunted every corner she turned. Another girl accused an elderly woman, Hannah, of witchcraft, based solely on the fact that she became ill shortly after seeing Hannah walking in town. Trials were not fair and that the witches were assumed to be guilty no matter what they said.

Females were the specific target of witchcrafts and once presumed guilty they were pretty much doomed. They were not given a chance to prove their innocence. This is the sub part of the website. The link of the website is http: Witchcraft In The Colonia According to the children, the maid told them of witchcraft. Soon the number of cases of the unknown illness has increased, in particular, fell ill year-old Anna Putnam. There are several versions to explain what happened, — hysteria, conspiracy of children, peculiarity of Puritan psychology, and poisoning.

In , in the Science journal, there was considered a version according to which the hallucinations in children were caused by poisoning from rye bread infected by a fungus known as ergot or Claviceps purpurea. In the same year, the refuting this version was published. College and University students writing their research proposals on Salem witch trials have to study scrupulously the case. They have to be informed enough to try and explain the causes of these historic events.


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Useful sample research paper about Salem Witch Trials online. Free research project example on Salem Witch Trials topics and ideas. Read also tips how to write a good research paper .

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Essays and criticism on Salem Witch Trials - Critical Essays. Free The Salem Witch Trials papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Salem Witch trials started in resulted in 19 executions and accusations of witchcraft. It was one of the first of many hysterical moments that this country would go on to see. It all started in with a girl who was having "fits and convulsions" to which the only diagnosis was 3/5(5). Salem Witch Trials Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. November 23, Example Essays. The Salem Witch Trials, of , occurred in Salem Massachusetts. This is a case where people accused other people of witchcraft. Tags: example essay, history essays, Salem Witch Trials essays, Salem Witch Trials research paper.