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❶The results of the paper already exist in the literature, in a better form than in the author's paper. The answer is no, if the reason to consider the problem is to write a paper.

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Insufficiency in any of these areas makes a paper low-quality. Karnivaurus Wouldn't relevance imply novelty? For example, a paper which repeats some existing work could still be relevant, if the conclusions from that existing work are relevant themselves. Although I actually think that "relevant" is broad a term here -- because you could say that a paper is only relevant if it is correct, only relevant if it is non-trivial, and only relevant if it is readable Kind of a broad question, but I'll play along.

The results of the paper already exist in the literature. Usually this means the author was not aware of them. The results of the paper already exist in the literature, in a better form than in the author's paper. Thus publishing the paper could actually be a step backwards. Same as the above, but the current paper omits a key technique or perspective that is part of the contemporary understanding of the topic.

For instance, there are some expository papers, and these do not need to contain new results or even the sharpest possible form of the old results it exposes, but the author needs to have at least the level of mastery of the topics being exposed as an advanced student in the area, or the exposition could have a negative effect. The results are faulty, either in ways that are not easily corrigible, or are easily corrigible but when corrected yield absolutely nothing new.

The results look fishy, but the exposition is so obscure that it is a chore to tell right from wrong from basically-right-but-highly-garbled from totally absent. The author cannot or will not make a clear distinction between what is attained in the paper and what is desired to be attained. For me and many others in my field mathematics , this is certainly the worst. I saw an especially good example of this recently: A yellow dot stands for "the statement which requires additional attention".

A green dot stands for "statement which is proved earlier or clearly undestandable [sic]". Then we have "PROOF", followed by 28 more pages of colored-dotted mathematics, which I spent a minute flipping through out of sheer morbid curiosity. But if I were a referee then, rather exceptionally, this first page would have been all the sign I needed to be confident of the low quality of the paper.

Clark k 23 There is still too much opposition around to this simple idea. Based on your second paragraph, I have to ask: Do your favorite articles have proofs or methods that seem obvious only after you read them? There's also the class of low quality papers that are so poorly written that it's hard to assess the other points listed.

I tend to look for three things: Complex ideas can be hard to grok, but are worthwhile. Of these, the last contribution is the most important. A low quality paper will miss on two of the three. If a paper misses on 1 and 2, then I generally can't see whether 3 is true or not. With regard to Often they turn out to be understandable only after weeks or months of hard work on the part of the referee.

But maybe you are talking about papers that are not as easy to understand as they should be because the exposition is poor? Clark Jun 18 '16 at Clark yes, exposition not meat. Hard to understand because the ideas are complex is ok; hard to understand because the authors can't string two sentences together is not.

Jun 18 '16 at Okay, sounds good to me. Mismatch between advertising and content The unifying theme with low quality papers is a large difference between what they claim they've achieved and what they show they've achieved. Peteris 4, 18 Is it okay to present more than you advertise? For instance, what if you solve one really sexy open problem, which you advertise in the abstract, and then you use the same methods to solve another lesser problem.

The answer seems to obviously be yes, but I worry about losing the reader or giving signs of obfuscation. Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta 3, 5 This might also be applicable to other fields.

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Main participation of this research in whole of the world is that it identifies the main factors of service quality which ultimately affect the satisfaction of customers. This paper will help top management of organizations and institutes to make strategies.

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A document containing papers research of quality service all references encountered which is one of the stu - dent teachers to design for learning through online essay proofreading self - efficacy, motivation, and engagement non - musical. New york guildford press.

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*An essay is a piece of writing usually written from an author's personal point of view that analyses and evaluates an issue or a topic. Writing an essay means to express your academic opinion on a particular matter. Possible types include: descriptive essay, narrative essay, compare and contrast essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay etc. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING RESEARCH ♦ Volume 3 ♦ Number 1 ♦ SERVICE QUALITY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE Prabha Ramseook-Munhurrun, University of Technology, Mauritius Soolakshna D. Lukea-Bhiwajee, University of Technology, Mauritius Perunjodi Naidoo, University of Technology, Mauritius ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to obtain a .

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Professional Research Paper Writing Service Whether you are looking for school research paper writing, a college research paper writing service or help with your PhD research, Academized are here to help with our professional research paper writing service/5(31). Impact of Research on Customer Service Quality An exploratory study on the impact of research and development on customer service and quality Introduction Research and development simply refers to the constant improvement of product and services and which enable the business to continuously thrive in terms of its operation.