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My mom wont let me do my homework?

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❶You are the one who got your grades down in the first place, no?

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My mom does the same thing but I told her to trade places with me and get no education If it Don't work seek on your computer to do it Or talk to your teacher, Principle , Hope this help! Trust will come when you earn it. Quit whining about the homework issue. In time you will be able to do it upstairs.

As long as you insist on acting like a child, this continues. Oh my god Im soo sorry!! Thats terrible your mom shouldnt be saying stuff like that! Just dont do your homework and at school tomorrow tell your teacher exactly what happened and you and your mom can work stuff out. Thats a really terrible thing for your mom to say. My advice to you is not to do it Don't do the homework, and tell your mother that no matter what, you'll end up being a better person than her, and let her know you understand that is why she is so angry.

Go to your room and lay down. Tomorrow at school go to your guidance councelor and explain the whole situation. Guarenteed youll get another day and your mom should be done pms ing. All you have to do is talk with your parents about how you are feeling with them not letting you do your homework, and how it could possibly affect your future career. Sure,y they will understand you xx. It never ceases to amaze me how parents want to sabotage their kids.

Tell your mom to just clean your room or pay someone to do it. Why dont you stop complaining about it and clean your room so you can get it over with?

Related Questions My parents wont let me play video games on the weekdays.? Parents wont let me get a fish? Parents wont let me do anything or go anywhere?

Why wont my parents let me have any guy friends? Answer Questions Need help to make my brother happy? How did my friend block no caller ID? Why do people always say "Don't get involved with a married guy. What can I do to make 3 years go by fast? Why is family suddenly poor? What is my half brother's kid to me? If my half brother has a cousin, and his cousin has a kid, what is that kid to me? While there are always exceptions, most teenagers—if they are left alone and not overly pushed by their parents—will do OK in school and require little supervision and extra motivation.

In fact, the more you get involved, the greater the likelihood the student will do worse, not better. Most kids are motivated to do well in school by a combination of two things: They like challenges and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from getting good grades and pleasing their teachers and parents. Career ambitions or just a desire to excel at whatever they do may motivate others.

Some kids are ambitious by nature, and others develop it gradually over time. It can be encouraged in teenagers by modeling it for them and by providing them with lots of affirmation rather than nagging. Your teenager probably is more ambitious than you realize, even if that ambition is not channeled directly into schoolwork.

Anxiety—or fear—is also a significant motivator. They might be embarrassed in front of their classmates or put their future at risk or lose a scholarship or make their parents angry. Ambition and anxiety work in tandem. One of the other usually provides the motivation necessary to make students out of most kids. What if your teenager seems to lack both ambition and anxiety? The answer is not to make their performance your problem, but theirs.

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my parents wont let me do my homework. Ask your parents for their help and tell them that you are not coping. Good communication is very important for a great life. Don't yell, shout, get huffy or put on a tantrum. Be clear and specific in what you need. Surprise your parents with your maturity.

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My mom wont let me do my homework? My rooms wont a real state homework i've had so much homework since the start of year 10 that i've not had time to do anything let my room. I still don't have time.

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If you're in the U.S. talk to your school counselor, or your principal about this. Get them to involve your parents. Or get a written note from your parents explaining why they won't let you do homework, and then go to your counselor. May 26,  · (First of al, my parents are strict, and want me to ALWAYS do some kind of schoolwork. The irony of my curent situation. Secondly, it was Peggle, not something like COD or GTA).Status: Resolved.

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Mom wont let me do homework. so I want to finish my homework, but she sometimes doesnt let me do.. she usually calls my grandparents, or my dad. Meager sum of help im feeling my dad wont help me with my homework large paper bags to . My Parents Wont Let Me Do My Homework My Do Let My Wont Parents Homework Me. I think parents these days are a little too cautious. Ok, so your wife is a bitch and you hate her. IStock/alexsokolov. · Koko August 25, at am. Just changed my profile my parents wont let me do my homework picture to a llama.