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What is a 'Management Buyout - MBO'

What is a Management Buyout (MBO)?
BREAKING DOWN 'Management Buyout - MBO'

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Buying a company through a Management Buyout can be a shortcut to financial success. The risk is lower, the financing is easier to obtain, and the waiting period for a return on investment is shorter than starting a business from scratch. But pursuing a Management Buyout is extremely demanding.

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A Leveraged Management Buyout (LMBO) is similar to a MBO, except that the buyers use company assets as collateral to secure financing. Most of the time, the management team takes full control and ownership, using their expertise to grow the business.

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A management buyout (MBO) is a transaction where a company’s management team purchases the assets and operations of the business they manage. A management buyout (MBO) is appealing to professional managers because of the greater potential rewards from being owners of . A management buyout (MBO) is a corporate finance transaction where the management team of an operating company acquires the business by borrowing money to buy out the current owner(s). This transaction is a type of leveraged buyout (LBO) and can sometimes be referred to as a leveraged management buyout (LMBO).